The nurseries of Lowgardens ranges from trees and shrubs to climbers, perennials and herbs. We like to grow rare and unknown species, where we not only look at the ornamental value, but also to the suitability for consumption and medicinal uses. Energetic functions are also part of the applications. Specific species may contribute at eliminating of energetic blockages or to create optimal experiences of mood and well-being.

The natural and organic cultivation takes mostly place in containers and have large and small sizes. The species are propagated from seed, and occasionally from cuttings and graftings. Our way of growing ensures a healthy crop with optimal root system. Indeed, for high quality plantations.

Lowgardens Nurseries cultivates for growers, gardeners, contractors and institutions, but also for the private market. Because we have a wide network of fellow growers, we can also offer species that are not of our own culture, they will make your planting wishes complete.

Lowgardens Consultancy offers if necessary ecological and energetic guidance in planting projects. We are glad to inform you about the possibilities.

For visiting Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy you are welcome.

Open at friday, saturday and sunday from 10.00 am. till 17.00 pm.
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