As a nursery with varieties of rare plant-species, Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy with his decades of experiences, is specialized in energetic plant-projects. With different techniques we are creating an optimal habitat. We mainly use what the earth has to offer us.

Lowgardens advises and cultivates for private homeowners, businesses and (government-) institutions. We do not only share our gardeners- and landscapes-expertise, but also our knowledge about the cultivation and special properties of (rare) trees and plants. This is done in close collaboration with other professionals who design and build vital gardens. Experiencing atmosphere, well-being and optimal functioning are important priorities for our clients.

Lowgardens consults by giving lectures, tutorial programs, workshops and provides knowledge and support in the design and construction of these gardens. Often, our company also supplies trees and plants from our own nursery.

Landscapers, contractors, (interior-)architects and other relevant professionals ask for our expertise. Together we manifest the best solution for the customer. And if necessary, we will help with our boots in the mud.

We create an optimal environment as follows:
  • We first will examining the targets we want to achieve in the project in which ecology, economy and well-being are important values.
  • We identify the environmental factors, including the ecological and physical (and thus the geopathic) status of the project. And if necessary optimizing these.
  • Then we choose the specific and matching trees and plants (composition), based on properties, shape, color, odor, character and symbolism.
  • Thereafter we determine - taking into account the original plan - the stand of plants and trees, both individually and relative to one another.
  • Finally, we give advice for the preservation and maintenance of delivered goods and services.