Lowgardens Nurseries & Consultancy is managed by Peter Vanlaerhoven and Pascale Matthijssen. They both are empathic involved with nature. Through Lowgardens they act with their wealth of knowledge, experiences and backgrounds. 

PeterPeter has  long experienced as an assortment breeder of woody plants with knowledge of cultivation techniques and ethnobotanical, ecological and energetic know-how. He completed the education in ECOtherapy successfully. He possesses a wealth of geopathic knowledge which he uses in various ways within the world of plants and habitat. His interest is mainly focused on rare woody plants.   PascalePascale is an artist and herbalist. Since childhood she has a strong connection with nature. From wonder and love did emerging her botanical drawings and paintings. Due to her experience in the herbaceous plant breeding and education in herbalist she knows the practice in several areas. She has an empathy that connects clearly to the energetic radiation and action of plants and nature. Her interests include "Native American Ethnobotany."